Healthy Heart: an Android application for athletes


It is an application where you can go aiming at the sports activities you are doing (sport, duration and distance). You can also write down your health status (weight, blood pressure and heart rate). The application will show reports of the total and the average per month of each sport that you have been performing.


First browse and try out all the options you find.

If you want to start using it seriously you should:

  1. Delete all sample data.

    Go to  Settings and choose to  Delete

  2. Select the sports you are going to practice.

    Select  Sports in the top bar and add, modify or delete the sports you find until you are up to your liking. Remember that you can choose a different icon for each sport.

  3. Write down the sports activities you are doing.

    From the main screen click the  Add button to add an activity or your current health status.

Sample screens

  1. Main screen
  2. Editing an activity
  3. Editing health notes
  4. Sports screen
  5. Editing a sport
  6. Setup menu

The database

  • Do not forget to do a backup once in a while from the  Settings menu.
  • The database can be exported to various formats: XML, JSON, CSV, SQL y DB (Sqlite)
  • The database can be imported from the SQL format.


Sports icons

  1. Delta wing
  2. Diving
  3. Hike
  4. Race
  5. Cycling
  6. Cycling race
  7. Climbing
  8. Ski
  9. Skateboard
  10. Swimming
  11. Skating
  12. Canoeing
  13. Trekking
  14. Snowboard
  15. Scuba diving
  16. Windsurfing

Activity icons

  1. Distance
  2. Time
  3. Speed

Health icons

  1. Weight
  2. Blood pressure
  3. Pulse



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